Westchester Elementary Strings Orchestra

2020-2021 Information

General Information

Arrival Time: Arrival, check-in and setup: 4:30 pm - 4:50 pm

Please head for Entrance Door A: Fellowship Hall.

Rehearsal Time: 4:50 PM - 6:30 PM

What to bring to In-person rehearsals: chair with protected feet, folding music stand, music folder (supplied) containing ALL the music, sharpened pencil, cellos and bassists - rubber tips installed on both their end pin and rock stop.

All musicians and parent volunteers must come to rehearsal wearing a mask that will be worn throughout rehearsal.

Parent Volunteers:

Parents will be given a list of volunteer dates at the first rehearsal for: assisting the conductor with setting up the rehearsal room before rehearsal, monitoring behavior during rehearsal, and restoring room to original setup and condition after the rehearsal. Parents will be asked to volunteer once or twice per season, if you have a conflict on an assigned date, you may swap dates with another parent. Please arrive by 4:30 pm on your assigned date.

Rehearsal Notes


Dear Elementary Strings Musicians,

Please refer to the email and Word document, which you received. They contain practicing suggestions and instrument care information. If you have not received the email, please contact your conductor or liaisons.

- Mr. Klinger


Dear Elementary Strings Musicians,

This week we worked on specific measures that we found needed work last week. I was pleased to hear that we are making progress, but we still need to go over these spots to be accurate.

Schubert Symphony No. 5.

We will start the rehearsal on the Schubert. Please continue to listen to a Youtube recording of the 1st movement.

Tempo: The suggested tempo is a half note = 92. Don't go any faster----this is a goal. We will see where it works for us next week.

Telemann Concerto Grosso

  • Cellos: Measure 21: Fingerings: (1) in measure 21, (2) in measure 23, (3) measure 24.

PLEASE: Pencil in the fingerings that work for you. Get help to find the best possible fingering. This should be starting to sound better. Let's see how great we can make this spot sound next week.

  • Everyone: We will start at measure 32 next week.

  • First Violins: Finger measures 44, 45, 47, and 48. Use a 4th finger extension for the high E's.

Please make this perfect. I want to hear you all play this brilliant spot proudly.

  • Firsts and Seconds: Measure 56! We worked on it; now make it "yours."

  • Cellos: Measure 60: Do you have a good fingering here? Hint: It uses extensions..

Blue Rhythmico

We will start at Measure 25. Remember the repeat coming up!


1. Bathroom: Our rehearsal is only 1 and a half hours, with so much to do; PLEASE use the bathroom BEFORE REHEARSAL, so that we all can make the most of the time that we have together. Because of covid 19, we need to keep such trips to a minimum.

2. Remembering all of our "stuff." (bows, folders, rockstops, pencils, music, etc.) We each must take the responsibility of being sure that our pencils are sharpened and functional.

3. Tuning: Thank you, everyone, for such a great job in getting your instruments tuned! I'm very impressed!

Have a happy, healthy HALLOWEEN! 👻😈👹 BE SAFE! - Mr. Klinger

Elementary Strings Contact Information:

Conductor: Bernard Klinger: bernard.klinger@gwyoa.org

Parent Liaisons:

Mrs. Iris Wong: iris.wong@gwyoa.org

Mrs. Candy Huang: candy.huang@gwyoa.org

Mrs. Elena Inoue: elena.inoue@gwyoa.org

Elementary Strings Links:

2020-2021 Elementary Strings Waiver

You must complete and submit this waiver before your first in-person rehearsal.

Tuition Payment:

Please list musician's first and last name in Description box.

Make Tuition Payment

Full tuition for the 2020-2021 Elementary Strings season is $515. To make a tuition payment, please click on the appropriate link from the list above.

Families with multiple children in the GWYOA are entitled to a 10% tuition reduction off of each child's tuition (Sibling Discount).

Refund policy for In-person/remote hybrid musicians: 100% refund before the 1st rehearsal*; 75% refund after 1st rehearsal*; 50% after 2nd rehearsal*; 25% after 3rd rehearsal*; no refund after 4th rehearsal. In the event of a mandated complete shutdown of our season due to Covid-19, a pro-rated refund will be offered*.

Refund policy for Remote only musicians: 100% refund before the 3rd rehearsal*; 75% refund after 4th rehearsal*; 50% after 5th rehearsal*; 25% after 6th rehearsal*; no refund after 7th rehearsal. In the event of a mandated complete shutdown of our season due to Covid-19, a pro-rated refund will be offered*.

* minus $50 processing fee

If you experience any difficulties registering or have a question, please contact us at: info@gwyoa.org