Westchester Youth Symphony Orchestra

2021-2022 Information

General Information

Arrival: 6:45 pm, Rehearsal: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm - St. Gregory’s Gym

Dear Youth Symphony,

Items you should be aware of:

  • We will be rehearsing once again in Gym at St. Gregory’s Church 1131 North Street in White Plains.

  • Youth Symphony musicians should plan to arrive by 6:45pm; rehearsal will be held from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

  • Our orchestra will work as a single cohort every week. There will not be a Zoom option for our rehearsals; all musicians will be expected to attend in person every week.

Youth Symphony Contact Information:

Conductor: Kathleen Feldman: kathleen.feldman@gwyoa.org

YS Parent Liaisons:

Mrs. Cricket Powell: cricket.powell@gwyoa.org

Mrs. Laura Chmielewski: laura.chmielewski@gwyoa.org

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2021-2022 Youth Symphony Music

March 6, 2022

Dear YS musicians,

We made it to March and spring is almost here! With all that is going on around us there are sure to be stresses mounting as the school year presses on. As I said in the last rehearsal, let’s try to block out the noise and keep our mindset on making beautiful music together. With so much out of our control, we have to focus on things that are within our reach.

Here are some reminders and goals I have for us over the next few weeks:

  1. Please remember to bring your own chair unless you play cello or are carrying more than one instrument to rehearsal. Everyone must bring a stand. (Strings may share a stand with a partner but please make sure you have one just in case.)

  2. Start rehearsal at 7pm. This means arriving with plenty of time to set yourself up, tune, and warm up. Please try to arrive by 6:45pm at the latest. I am there by 6:30 every week so you won’t be the first one there!

  3. Become more familiar with the music. It’s not just about practicing the part. Learn your notes and where they fit in the texture of the piece. Listening to the music will go a long way. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/46o6iEqHrWysJmLyjH0tOk?si=yKqscX1aQnismjLtFwv1UQ

  4. Bring a pencil. Mark your parts for bowings, changes in tempo, conducting patterns, and important cues to help you with entrances. The beauty with our work is that you don’t have to memorize anything! It’s all in front of you, all the time. Mark it in if you need a reminder.

  5. Build community. I love that you want to socialize and I want this to be enjoyable for you. Please do this during appropriate times in the rehearsal so everyone feels respected.

Thank you for reading this far! See you tomorrow at 6:45p!

Conductor Feldman

December 23, 2021

Dear YS Families:

We hope we'll be able to proceed with a relatively-normal Spring season (please see other message regarding delays in practice start dates) - in that hope, here's the sign-up for Spring volunteers. As with last semester, volunteers are needed every week to fulfill two roles:

*6:45 - 9:25 - one parent to stay entire rehearsal, take temps and help with rehearsal management/wrap-up;

*6:45 - 7:30 - help with check-in only


Many thanks to all of you who signed up last year.

All best, and stay safe and healthy in the New Year,


October 24, 2021

Dear YS strings,

Our seating auditions will be coming up soon. We will plan to start on the evening of 11/8 and it will probably take two weeks to complete. We will have a full rehearsal while auditions are taking place, so plan on coming to rehearsal as usual. To fit everyone into the two weeks, we may need to start earlier than 7pm. A sign up will be sent out for those of you who are able to come earlier that week once we get the final details ironed out. In the meantime, here are the sections I would like you to prepare in the Schubert piece. I will also select a passage or two from Prokofiev and Sibelius, but please be prepared to perform any section from those pieces, please.

Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. Thank you for your dedication to the orchestra.

Happy practicing!


Kathleen Feldman, Conductor




Letter D to m 174


8 after L to 5 after M

Letter P to end



M17 to letter A

Letter F to G

2nd ending to m283

Letter M to N



8 before Letter F to G

Measures 253-282

Letter M to N



3 before letter A to 7 after B

Start at the pizz after letter F to letter G

Double bar to letter H

Piu moto (after N) to downbeat of letter O

All strings


Prepare to play any section.


Movements 2, 3, and 4

Prepare ALL

NOTE: If you wish to be considered for a solo and leadership position, please prepare the solos as well. Students who choose to audition on the solo will not be at an advantage over those who do not - beyond the assignment of section leader.