Westchester Youth Symphony Orchestra

2020-2021 Information

General Information

Arrival Time: Arrival, check-in and setup: 6:50 pm - 7:00 pm

Please head for Entrance Door A: Gymnasium

Rehearsal Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

What to bring to In-person rehearsals: chair with protected feet, folding music stand, music folder (supplied) containing ALL the music, sharpened pencil, cellos and bassists - rubber tips installed on both their end pin and rock stop.

All YS musicians, including brass & woodwinds, must come to rehearsal wearing a mask that will be worn throughout rehearsal. Outdoor mask breaks may be given.

In addition to masks, brass and woodwind musicians will be required to use bell covers (trumpets, French horns, trombones) or instrument bags (flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons). The GWYOA will make a one-time purchase of bell covers and instrument bags for brass & woodwind musicians who opt for in-person rehearsal. Replacement covers or bags must be purchased by the musician.

Rehearsal Notes

Please follow the link you received to access the Google Drive folder with conductor notes, music downloads, and the zoom link. If you need this link please reach out to your conductor or one of the liaisons.


Full tuition for the 2020-2021 Youth Symphony season is $580. To make a tuition payment, please click on the appropriate link from the list on the right. -->

Families with multiple children in the GWYOA are entitled to a 10% tuition reduction off of each child's tuition (Sibling Discount).

Refund policy for In-person/remote hybrid musicians: 100% refund before the 1st rehearsal*; 75% refund after 1st rehearsal*; 50% after 2nd rehearsal*; 25% after 3rd rehearsal*; no refund after 4th rehearsal. In the event of a mandated complete shutdown of our season due to Covid-19, a pro-rated refund will be offered*.

Refund policy for Remote only musicians: 100% refund before the 3rd rehearsal*; 75% refund after 4th rehearsal*; 50% after 5th rehearsal*; 25% after 6th rehearsal*; no refund after 7th rehearsal. In the event of a mandated complete shutdown of our season due to Covid-19, a pro-rated refund will be offered*.

* minus $50 processing fee

If you experience any difficulties registering or have a question, please contact us at: info@gwyoa.org

Youth Symphony Contact Information:

Conductor: Kathleen Feldman: kathleen.feldman@gwyoa.org

Parent Liaisons:

Mrs. Kristine Fenton: kristine.fenton@gwyoa.org

Mrs. Cricket Powell: cricket.powell@gwyoa.org

Youth Symphony Links:

2020-2021 Youth Symphony Music

2020-2021 Youth Symphony Waiver

You must complete and submit this waiver before your first in-person rehearsal.

Tuition Payment:

Please list musician's first and last name in Description box.

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