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Parent/Guardian Committee

The GWYOA is a volunteer-based organization, Parent/Guardian assistance is crucial to its operation. Please consider volunteering for our Parent/Guardian Committee.

Below are descriptions of the tasks that volunteers have handled in the past. - THANK YOU!

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Winter Concert

  • Beforehand: Purchase and prepare GWYOA Logo Snowflakes for Support the GWYOA sales displays - Ordered from, snowflakes are laser cut from solid cherry wood, protective paper baking needs to be removed and ornament hanger attached. (Approx. time to prepare 36 snowflakes: 3 hours)

  • Beforehand: Prepare ticket table signage - (2) Winter Concert posters, (2) Support the GWYOA posters, (2) tabletop ticket pricing displays

  • Day of concert: Placement of exterior yard signs - Yard signs are stored in the YS cage next to the stage. Retrieve and store signs after the concert. Yard Sign Placement Map: Click here to View or Click to Download (Approx. time needed: 20-30 minutes before and after)

  • Day of concert: Placement of interior musician flow signage, placement directed by Parent Liaisons. Signs are stored in the ES closet. Retrieve and store signs after the concert. - (Approx. time needed: 20-30 minutes, before and after)

  • Day of concert: Hang holiday lights on front of stage - Lights and hanging hooks are stored in the YS cage next to the stage, hooks are placed in the cracks between boards and hang over the lip of the stage, plug in and begin stringing lights on the right side of the stage (facing stage). Take down and store lights after the concert. [stage size: 5' + 40' + 5' = 50' lights (hooks/clips for 3.5" + .5" lip) - (Approx. time needed: 15 minutes before and after)

  • Day of concert: Manage Support the GWYOA effort (see Fundraising below).


The GWYOA provides needed financial assistance to accepted musicians.

  • Winter Concert - Volunteers are needed to manage the Support the GWYOA effort at the Winter Concert. GWYOA Board members will also assist so that you will not miss your child's performance(s). Paper pledge forms and electronic donations via the website are accepted at the concert. GWYOA Logo Snowflakes are given to all that donate. A record of Winter Concert donors is kept as they are listed in the Spring Gala Concert Playbill program, contributors of Donor level and above are entitled to a Family Tribute, contributors of Sponsor level and above are entitled to a Family Tribute plus concert tickets.

  • Spring Gala Concert - An email solicitation for Support the GWYOA donations is sent out the last week of February, new donors are added to the Winter Concert donors list. Begin emailing ALL contributors to ask how they would like to be listed in the Spring Gala Concert Playbill program (Playbill program deadline is April 1), collect Family Tributes from contributors of Donor level and above, prepare Will Call ticket list for Lincoln Center for those that contributed at Sponsor level and above.

  • Create ideas for future Support the GWYOA efforts, including logo merchandise sales.

Member Gift Selection and Distribution

A gift is given to each GWYOA member near the completion of the season. Recent gifts have included GWYOA logo and Lincoln Center info short sleeve (2015-16) and long sleeve (2016-17) t-shirts, GWYOA logo sweatshirts (2017-18) and sweatpants (2018-19).

  • Choose GWYOA Member gift for this season and ideas for future seasons - A list of members T-shirt sizes is available, as it was required for this seasons registration.

  • Choose vendors and collect estimates.

  • Place order in time for distribution at April 13th and 20th rehearsals.

Social Media Presence

GWYOA currently has no actively managed social media presence. Last season (2018-19) a YouTube Channel was created.

  • Create and manage content and post to GWYOA YouTube Channel.

  • Create a social media poll for current GWYOA members. Based on poll results, select social media platforms: Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

  • Identify GWYOA Musicians to manage accounts. (Example: YS Musician’s to manage Instagram).