The GWYOA Auditions

The Westchester Youth Symphony is currently accepting auditions for musicians who play:

Trombone, Tuba, or Piccolo

For the Spring semester beginning on January 10, 2022

If you are a musician the plays trombone, tuba or piccolo, entered grades 9-12 in September 2021, and would like to be contacted for an audition, please complete this form.

GWYOA Audition Information

Auditions for the 2022-2023 Season are expected to be held on Saturday, May 14 and Monday, May 16, 2022. Registration for auditions will open the first week of April, 2022.

Types of auditions:

  • If you are NOT currently a GWYOA member and are interested in joining the Westchester Elementary Strings, Westchester Junior Strings, or Westchester Youth Symphony

  • If you are CURRENTLY a graduating GWYOA member (ES grade 7 in September 2021, JS grade 10 in September 2021) and wish to MOVE UP to Westchester Junior Strings or Westchester Youth Symphony

Please note: If you are a CURRENT GWYOA musician and are not MOVING UP to the next orchestra (ES grade 7 in September 2021, JS grade 10 in September 2021), you do not need to audition for the 2021-2022 season.

Auditions are by grade only:

Westchester Elementary Strings - For string players entering grades 4-6 in September 2021

Westchester Junior Strings - For string players entering grades 7-9 in September 2021

Westchester Youth Symphony - For string players entering grades 10-12 in September 2021, and for brass, wind and percussion musicians entering grades 9-12 in September 2021

Preparing for your online audition:

Please be prepared to play a scale you have mastered, as well as a polished piece that best demonstrates your present skill level. For longer pieces, excerpts will be heard rather than the entire work. Due to the technical complexity of an online audition, there will be no sight-reading.

Preparing your electronic device and audition space:

  • You will need to have an electronic device with a camera, such as a tablet, laptop or cell phone, and a reliable WiFi or cellular connection in the audition space.

  • Make sure your device is charged and the latest version of the Zoom app is installed.

  • Make sure everything is ready in your audition space - chair, music stand, instrument tuned, etc.

  • Setting up your device’s camera – Strings: Make sure your upper torso through to the top of your head can be seen, and your entire bow arm at its widest range of motion. Woodwinds/Brass: Make sure your upper torso through to the top of your head can be seen and your instrument is in the field of vision. Percussion: Make sure your upper torso through to the top of your head can be seen, along with your arms and contact point of instrument.]

  • Make sure any bright light sources, (sunlight through a window, etc.), is not shining from behind you.

  • For Elementary Strings musicians ONLY: Please have a parent helper available that can assist with technical or logistical issues that may arise.

  • With the current high demand on internet service, and in the event that technical difficulties occur during your audition, we will make alternate arrangements at a later date.

If you do not have access to a device or are unable to use Zoom, please send us an email and we will make alternate arrangements: Please include: Musicians first and last name, Email address, Instrument, Grade they will be entering in September 2021, and the reason you require alternate arrangements.

Attending the audition:

Complete instructions with a link to attend the audition will be emailed to the Zoom account email address you registered, 3 days before your audition. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CHECK THIS EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE DAY OF YOUR AUDITION IN CASE AN UPDATED LINK IS REQUIRED. You will also need to list the best phone number to reach you on the day of your audition.

Audition Results:

Conductors of the orchestra you auditioned for will notify you of your results. In past years, letters (snail mail) were sent out by the Westchester Elementary Strings and Westchester Junior Strings conductors, and results emails sent by the Westchester Youth Symphony conductors. Due to the current situation, all results may be sent out by email only. Because the conductors results are based on the number of auditions per instrument and how they plan to put together their orchestra sections, the results are sent on a rolling basis. You may receive results as early as 2 weeks after your audition, to as late as the end of June. If you have not received results by August 1st, please inquire about your status at