Supporting the GWYOA
in Honor of
Victor and Vincent J. Lionti

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Thank you to all of our GWYOA members who put forward their tuition towards supporting the GWYOA for the next season and to those who generously donated to a gift for the Lionti Family.

Lisa Krouskoff

The Lien Family - We will miss your energy, spirit, and fun you brought to the GWYOA’s music.

Linda Shwab & Jackie Shwab Lutz - In memory of Vincent Lionti from Linda Shwab & Jackie Shwab Lutz. Both my sister and I knew Vinnie growing up, studied viola with his dad, Victor Lionti and played in the orchestra. Vinnie will be sorely missed.

Susan Stanton - In loving memory of our wonderful, talented friend, Vincent Lionti, who left us much too soon. We miss you, dearest Vince.

Jennifer K. Zeleny - In the memory of Vincent Lionti

Westchester Music and Arts Camp

On behalf of the Westchester Music and Arts Camp (WMAC). We were campers along with Vincent Lionti, and many of us GWYOA Youth Symphony members as kids. We are so shocked by Vincent's untimely and tragic death from covid.

Steven Buchthal

Rosanna Gamson

Marcy (Roy) Georgeson

Rhonni Hallman

Nancy Hoople - In memory of Vinnie Lionti

Sally Hoople

Tracy Hyams

Barbara Renino James

Mindy Kaufman

Lisa Krell Kirchman

Bea Kossodo

Arden Lewis

Dale Lewis

Meri Lobel

Ivy Morrison

Sibley Morosco

Bob Plotkin

Gene Pohl

Robert Puleo

Chris Renino

Melissa Rose

Craig Rosenberg

Joann Schwartzman

Jessica Sporn

Vicki Strauss

Steven Sundheim

Pat Takahashi-Blayney

Lesley Tompkins

Laura Zatt