2022 Spring Gala Concert Information

Sunday, May 8, 2022, 1:00 pm

Starr Theatre, Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC

1941 Broadway at, W 65th St, New York, NY 10023

Spring Gala Concert Videos by Jeremy Goldsmith, Tabby Media

Westchester Elementary Strings

Westchester Junior Strings

Westchester Youth Symphony

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Performance Schedule

Alice Tully Hall Opens:  12:30 pm

Westchester Elementary Strings:  1:00 pm

Westchester Junior Strings: 2:00 pm*

Westchester Youth Symphony: 3:15 pm*


Please support the conductors and all of our musicians who have worked extremely hard preparing for their performances by attending the entire concert.


* Anticipated starting time, performances will NOT begin earlier.          

Message from the GWYOA Board of Directors

GWYOA Musicians,


The GWYOA has had another wonderful year culminating in this final concert at Alice Tully Hall.  We hope you are all excited to be performing on the stage of such a prestigious concert hall.


We are very proud of your hard work and accomplishments this past season. We hope that you have had an exciting and productive year with

the GWYOA and that you are looking forward to expanding your orchestral horizons with us in the future.  If you are graduating, we wish you the best of luck and continued success in all your future endeavors that hopefully will include orchestral music.


All of you are representing the best of Westchester County and beyond. Your exemplary behavior at Alice Tully Hall will continue to reflect positively on the GWYOA, your families, your private teachers, and your schools. Thank you for your outstanding performances and commitment. The GWYOA would not exist without you!  And that goes for all those parents, teachers, and schools as well!

Congratulations and Best of Luck,

Board of Directors

Greater Westchester Youth Orchestras Association


Dear GWYOA Families,


We are trying to get a handle on our musicians' vaccination status in preparation for our upcoming concert on May 8th at Lincoln Center. Please fill out the attached form ASAP to document your musician's vaccination status. This will help us expedite the check-in process on the day of the concert and give us an idea of how many musicians need to be tested before the concert.   As you know, if your musician is not boosted, they either need to have that completed (if they are eligible) by the concert date or have a negative test result within 24 hours of the concert. We know how challenging this is -  we are in the process of determining if we can set up a temporary testing site for our musicians on Saturday 5/7, but first need to know how many people this will include.  As soon as we have any information on the possibility of a testing site, we will reach out to all families who have indicated the need for testing.  


NOTE: This form is for musicians only.  Please submit one form for each child in GWYOA. Audience members will be checked by Lincoln Center staff on the day of the concert. 


At the end of the form, you will be asked to upload a vaccination card or an exemption letter, if applicable. Exemption letters will be forwarded to and reviewed by Lincoln Center staff.   


As always, all questions are welcome (with the understanding that GWYOA has not set any of the covid-protocol for the concert; these are Lincoln Center rules and we must follow them.)

Our goal is to manage these logistics as smoothly as possible for everyone so we can focus on the amazing music and those making it!





Lincoln Center COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for Performance Spaces

Dear GWYOA  musicians, parents, and guardians,

The board has been working tirelessly to maintain another season of beautiful music for our students. I am so thankful and proud of their teamwork, and of the musical accomplishments of our students.

We have been excited to return to Lincoln Center this year for our Spring Gala Concert. It is with mixed emotions, then, that I deliver the requirements for performers and audience for our upcoming concert. Please know that I have spent a great deal of effort to advocate for GWYOA’s current approach for our rehearsals and our winter concert. I have spoken to the highest levels at Lincoln Center but they are immovable on their policies. 

For the audience

Proof of vaccination is required for all audience members. Children 5 years old and under will not be allowed to attend.

For our students:

1. Proof of vaccination is required for all performers. 

—( the only exception is for medical or religious exemption, in which case they require a doctor’s note that will be reviewed independently by the doctors representing Lincoln Center)

2. All performers who are eligible for a booster are required to have a booster

— if not boosted, they will need a negative PCR test within 24 hours of performance 

3. Winds and brass will be required to have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the performance, regardless of booster status. 

Our liaisons will be collecting and verifying student information ahead of the concert to streamline the entry process at the stage door. 

My hope had been (and I had been led to believe) that Lincoln Center’s policies would become less strict with cases decreasing, but this has not occurred. I sincerely apologize to students and families who will be affected. 


Meg Bond

President, GWYOA Board

Ticket Information


Sunday, May 8, 2022, 1:00 pm


Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center

10 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023 (1941 Broadway - guest entrance)

142 W 66th Street, New York, NY 10023 (musician stage door entrance)


All seats are $42.00 plus a $3.50 Alice Tully Hall facility fee.


Tickets available at: https://www.lincolncenter.org/lincoln-center-at-home/show/greater-westchester-youth-orchestras-association-2022-spring-gala-concert-440


Tickets can also be purchased on the day of the concert at the Alice Tully Hall Box Office (opens at 12:00 pm).


Seating is “General Admission.” Although you will be required to select a green dot on the seating chart when purchasing, there will be no assigned seats.


You DO NOT need to purchase a ticket for your GWYOA student. The GWYOA will provide a ticket for each member that is staying for the rest of the concert after their performance. In that case, you DO need to save a seat, with your family, for your orchestra member.


The GWYOA and Alice Tully Hall are not responsible for lost or misplaced tickets.  Tickets are non-refundable.


Alice Tully Hall COVID-19 Policy - Vaccinations, Boosters & Face Coverings


All guests will be required to provide proof that the final dose of their primary COVID-19 vaccination series was administered at least 14 days before entry. For greater detail, please click here. Guests are encouraged but not required to receive a COVID-19 booster if eligible—based on eligibility determined by the CDC.


Additionally, all guests are required to wear a face covering at all times except when actively eating or drinking.


At this time, children under 5 will not be admitted. We look forward to welcoming them as vaccination requirements allow.


Please stay home if you don’t feel well, have exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 10 days, have tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 10 days, or been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the past 10 days.


Accessibility - Accessible seating is available. Assistive listening devices with headsets and neck loops are also available. Guests are welcome to bring their own standard headsets to plug into FM receivers. If you require any additional accommodations, please contact Guest Services at 212-875-5456 or guestservices@lincolncenter.org.

Concert Attire Requirements

Please look closely at the requirements below.  Any musician not in required attire will not be permitted to go on stage.  All musicians should arrive in full concert dress. Thank you.

Elementary Strings:

Black or navy pants, black socks and shoes, white shirt with conservative, straight tie, and black jacket.  Shirts must be tucked inside pants. 


All white blouses, black shoes, black bottoms (skirts must be knee length or longer).  

Please note: Black leggings do not conform to this dress code. No athletic shoes/ sneakers.

Junior Strings:

Black suit (or black jacket/trousers), white button-down shirt, long tie (doesn't need to be black), black socks and shoes. No athletic shoes/sneakers.


Black dress, ankle or floor-length, or black blouse (3/4 sleeved or longer) and ankle- or floor-length skirt or concert trousers, black tights, black closed-toe shoes.  Please note that leggings are not a substitute for black trousers.  No short sleeves, please.

Youth Symphony:

Black suit (black jacket/trousers), white button-down shirt, long tie (doesn't need to be black), black socks and shoes. No athletic shoes/sneakers.


Full length black dress, or black blouse with black skirt or concert trousers, black tights, black closed-toe shoes. No short sleeves, top must be ¾ sleeve or longer. Dress/skirt/trouser must be ankle or floor length. Please note that leggings are not a substitute for black trousers.

Transportation Information

It is imperative that all musicians arrive ON TIME at WPHS or Alice Tully Hall. 

We will be on a tight schedule.


Buses will be available for Elementary Strings and Junior Strings musicians ONLY. Large coach buses will be picking up ES and JS musicians from White Plains High School’s Student Parking Lot. The GWYOA will NOT provide transportation back to Westchester from Alice Tully Hall.


Junior Strings musicians must report for the buses (2) at 8:30am. Buses depart at 9:00am.


Elementary Strings musicians must report for the bus (1) at 9:30am. Bus departs at 10:00am.


Youth Symphony musicians need to arrive by instrument:

                                                    Basses & cellos arrive:                1:00 pm

                                                    Violins & violas arrive:                  1:30 pm

                                                    Winds, brass, percussion arrive:  2:00 pm


ALL MUSICIANS must check in with security at the stage door entrance at:


142 W 66th Street, New York, NY 10023 (between Broadway and Amsterdam)



·  your instrument and music – ES and JS music folders will be collected after your performance.

·  ES and YS - a snack and a re-closable bottle of water

·  JS - a bag lunch and a re-closable bottle of water


Do NOT bring

·  music stands

·  large bags or backpacks (backstage space is extremely limited) 


Musicians are in close proximity to each other in cramped backstage rooms, please be mindful of those with allergies and make sure snacks and lunches are NUT FREE, including outside purchased food. Please send only re-closable drinks.  Put your name on ALL your belongings.


Bus and Schedule Information

Buses will be departing from (look for large coach buses): White Plains High School (WPHS)

Student Parking Lot - 550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605 / Google map


If you were expected to take the bus but have a change of plans, please contact your orchestra's conductor or a liaison ASAP. 



Attendance taken at WPHS:       9:30 am

Bus departs WPHS:                      10:00 am

Arrive at Alice Tully Hall:           11:30 am

Stage sound check:                        12:00 pm

Doors open for audience:          12:30 pm

Performance begins:                       1:00 pm

ES Contacts:  Conductor Bernard Klinger - m) 914-374-9848, edaklinger@gmail.com
Parent Liaisons:  Elena Inoue - m) 415-819-6458, elena.inoue@gwyoa.org
                            Iris Wong - m) 914-720-9198, iris.wong@gwyoa.org


Attendance taken at WPHS:       8:30 am

Buses depart WPHS:                    9:00 am

Arrive at Alice Tully Hall:            10:30 am

Stage sound check:                         11:00 am

Performance begins:                         2:00 pm

JS Contacts:  Conductor Jacqueline Stern - m) 201-294-3276, jacqueline.stern@gwyoa.org
Parent Liaisons:  Sujatha Thalappillil - m) 917-554-0937, sujatha.thalappillil@gwyoa.org
                                      Candy Huang - m) 646-431-3259, candy.huang@gwyoa.org



Due to limited backstage space at Alice Tully Hall, Youth Symphony musicians will need to arrive fairly close to their performance time, thus NO BUSES WILL BE PROVIDED.

Youth Symphony musicians need to arrive by instrument at the stage door entrance at:

142 W 66th Street, New York, NY 10023 (between Broadway and Amsterdam)


Basses & cellos arrive:                        1:00 pm
      Violins & violas arrive:                        1:30 pm

      Winds, brass, percussion arrive:   2:00 pm
      Stage warm-up:                                       3:00 pm

      Performance begins:                            3:15 pm


All musicians must be met by a GWYOA volunteer at the stage entrance, if you are unable to arrive on schedule, you must contact your conductor or a liaison ASAP.


YS Contacts:  Conductor Kathleen Feldman - m) 914-500-5420, kathleen.feldman@gwyoa.org

Parent Liaisons: Cricket Powell - m) 718-644-3327, cricket.powell@gwyoa.org

                                     Laura Chmielewski - m) 914-631-5211, laura.chmielewski@gwyoa.org

Alice Tully Hall House Rules

Dismissal Procedure

ELEMENTARY STRINGS AND JUNIOR STRINGS:  A parent/guardian MUST meet their orchestra member(s) in Morgan Stanley Lobby immediately after their performance. Musicians with a bass or cello who are staying for the rest of the concert will be assigned a secure storage location until after the concert. All other instruments and belongings must remain with the musician.


YOUTH SYMPHONY:  Members are dismissed after their performance. Please arrange to meet your Youth Symphony musician in the Morgan Stanley Lobby after he/she has retrieved his/her belongings from the warm-up room. Musicians are the responsibility of the parent once they have been released.  


Parents:  Please do NOT try to go backstage to get your child.  Security will not allow you backstage.  Also, please be patient!  It takes several minutes for the kids to get off stage, get to their warm-up room, pack up, and be escorted to the meeting place.

Miscellaneous Information


Please remember that musicians will NOT be allowed to exit Alice Tully Hall for any reason once they have been checked in by security.


Photo Opportunities: Although there is no photography or video allowed inside Alice Tully Hall, after the concert, taking photos of your musicians on the grounds of Lincoln Center will be worthwhile. One of the large 40" x 80" glass cases in front of Lincoln Center will be displaying their concert poster, plus the illuminated steps may display the concert information.